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Learn to speak dog and develop a type of relationship you never dreamed possible.

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Trust and Respect

Gain valuable Skills in Building Trusting, Respectful Dog Relationships.

Personalized Canine Care

Understand how to Tailor the Care to Each Dog's Individual Needs.

Holistic Approach

Learn Comprehensive Holistic Approaches to Dog Behaviour and Health.

AnimalKind Accredited

BIANCA is a proud member of the AnimalKind accreditation program

We follow science-based, humane training standards and have earned the AnimalKind stamp of approval from the BC SPCA.

Award-Winning Excellence

Bianca is 1 of 26 professionals across Canada that are certified for both CCPDTs

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About Bianca

In September 2009 I changed my life forever by moving from a small town in Germany, to beautiful British Columbia. As I began to settle into my new life, it became apparent that destiny had stepped in. I took a job to work at a local doggy daycare. I always knew I loved dogs, but turned out I loved be surrounded by them all day... I had found my calling! Immersing myself with them and watching all their individual personalities shine through truly unleashed my passion 🙂

This insatiable curiosity began to shape the direction of my education and the next adventure in my life.

This is really where the story of Bianca’s Dog Training begins:

In 2008 I adopted my beautiful Border Collie cross, Luna. She was the spark I needed to begin down the path. We began with basic training which was easy for her as she is too smart for her own good. Once we were settled in Vancouver, we decided to rescue a beautiful Boston Terrier named Miles. He was very skittish and untrusting, but something brought the 3 of us together. The spark that Luna had started within me, was soon a full-fledged raging inferno of questions around what happened, why was he like this and how could we help him come out of his shell. The decision was simple, I needed knowledge and understanding before I could understand and start on my journey of working with dogs.

With almost 25 years of customer service experience, 4 of which I spent learning from the Doggy Daycare, and the last 10 focusing on training and behaviour, I can truly say I have found what makes me happy... giving back all the love and joy I am given by dogs every day.

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I'm happy to have a chat with you to discuss your needs and how we can assist you and your puppy in creating an amazing relationship.

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Hear how Bianca has helped others

Bianca's Magic

Pandora, Mike & Baxter

Now we have a wonderful family pet that fits right in with our family dynamic. Bianca has been a ‘dog whisperer’ for us! Thank you for your invaluable help Bianca!

Canine Expertise

Lisa Reid & Laila

I cannot recommend Bianca enough. Her vast knowledge of dog behaviour and her openness make her an invaluable resource to anyone who has a dog in their life.

Bianca's Impact

Jennifer Sheila Penny & Lola

Penny and I met with Bianca and I felt immediate relief. I can’t say enough good things about Bianca. I don’t know how I would have survived this past year without her.